Toothbrush Orgasms

Toothbrush as sexual stimulator? That's right. When it comes to homemade sex toys, nothing is quite as popular as the good old toothbrush. We've collected some of the favorite methods for turning dental hygiene into orgasmic ecstasy.

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Right Tool for the Job
Toothbrush vibrator
Toothbrush orgasm
Hot and Bothered
No Batteries Needed
Best Vibe in the World
A toothbrush works always!
Brush and squirt
Brushing clit

Girls's Toothbrush Tips:

Toothbrush Vibrators

Toothbrush in Vagina

Toothpaste on Clit

In the Shower/Bath

Toothbrush Sex Toys


Men's Toothbrush Tips:  

Toothbrush on Dick

Toothbrush in Ass

Toothpaste on Dick

In the Shower/Bath

Toothbrush Sex Toys 

Girls: Toothbrush on Clit

Toothbrush Sex

Right Tool for the Job

I like to use my battery-powered toothbrush. Depending on my mood, I have two different toothbrushes. One of them is a cheap double-A toothbrush; this one works well if I just want to get off. The other toothbrush is a lot more powerful; it is a sonic-style toothbrush. One must be very careful when using this toothbrush. I usually use the bristles on my clit and have a fantastic orgasm, but sometimes I like to turn it over and use the brush’s backside. It is nice and smooth and with a little lube -- look out -- a mind-blowing orgasm every time. It's one of the best vibrators I've ever experienced.

Toothbrush Vibrator

Ever hear of the sonic-style toothbrush? It vibrates at such an insane frequency that you'll never want to use anything else ever again!!! And you don't even have to hide it! It can sit in its charger out in the open and no one will suspect a thing! Don't put it on your bare skin; it feels like getting electrocuted (unless you're into that). Use the backside of the head (not the bristles). Through your underwear is the best. Just run it over your clit and you'll have the fattest multiple orgasm you've ever felt in your life!!

New Routine, toothbrush orgasm

I am 34 years old and never knew what it was to have a real orgasm until last year. I am happily married but with the pressure of everyday life and children, well, need I say more? I decided to masturbate using an electric toothbrush (wrapped with a thin washcloth) while watching Japanese hentai porn.. It was the first day and the best day of my new routine of making myself feel good – real good. I now use an electric massager and I sometimes cannot wait to be alone so I can use it.

Hot and Bothered

First time with anything that is motorized - took the toothbrush , removed head, inserted upside down and switched on expecting fireworks. NICE but not wow. Decided that the toothbrush head needed replacing anyway and it's the kind that's a round brush that whizzes 180 degrees clockwise and counter clockwise, and tried brushing my pussy lips, moving down to my clit, between my pussy and anus, and then put the handle into my pussy. Hell - I wanted to see if I could find my G-spot  - nice. Masturbated about 5 minutes and took out and let the motor brush my clit until the charge wore down (about another 5 minutes). Still no orgasm and I'd had to do a couple of other jobs. This was at 3pm - it is now 10pm and I have this incredible afterglow (no orgasm) that has me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for a nice friendly dick to put me out of my misery. I feel like I have really full pussy lips - kinda the equivalent of a hard-on. I feel like I'm sitting on a booster cushion. Thanks for giving me ideas - I've not been this turned on for years!

No Batteries Needed

I love to get myself off. I use one of those vibrating toothbrushes. I use a charger so the battery has full power, then I insert two or three fingers in my pussy and work it back and forth really fast until I cum. It feels so good.

Keep Spare Batteries

When I know that I just can't last any longer without a good orgasm, I drag out my electric toothbrush. If you like pain and the thrill of getting caught, then I would suggest leaving the bristles on, as they make for a much more explosive orgasm, but if you don't like either of those, you should probably take the bristles off, as they are quite noisy and somewhat painful. I any case, position the little part that moves (You know what I'm talking about) right over my clit barely touching it. As the pressure inside me builds, I let the pressure of the head of the toothbrush build until I can't take it any more. After the first hundred times of doing this, I can keep fairly quiet, but my body still goes wild! I suggest a cross-action power, because the head of the toothbrush without the bristles is absolutely perfect. One final piece of advice. Keep quite a few spare AA batteries on hand. They go quick!

Fly With Pleasure

Take your sonic-style toothbrush, with the handle up toward your head, bristles outward. Put a little toilet paper on your clit, to protect your precious toothbrush top. Turn it on, and fly with pleasure. It’s small enough to put some fingers in your pussy as well. Just make sure that if you want privacy, you do this while alone. sonic-style toothbrushes can be quite noisy.

Works All the Time

Ever wonder why they give you an extra head for your electric toothbrush? I’ll tell you why! One is for your teeth and one is for your clit. Make sure the toothbrush is wet and soft, as this can be painful. Then tease your clit to make it nice and wet. Finally when you just want enormous pleasure, just put the toothbrush to your clit and let it rip. Works all the time.

Best Vibe in the World

I have just discovered the best vibrator in the world. It is completely silent & extremely powerful. It is the battery operated Cross Action toothbrush, use it with or with out the brush head. It is amazing. It is perfect for bringing to the office or traveling. I have purchased many different vibrators in the past and they all seem to fall apart and are very expensive. And loud.

Don't Use It Again

I was home alone and very bored. So I went on the internet and decided to read some sex stories, and while I was reading them I thought I would try something out. I got my old electric toothbrush out and placed it on my clit. After about 3 minutes of playing about I had a major orgasm. I recommend it to anyone (don’t use the brush again though).

Latch It On

I stack three pillows on my bed and put a paper towel on top (just in case) then I take a electric toothbrush and put it inside the lips of my vagina and latch it onto my clit and just hump it as hard as I can. If you get it on the right spot your orgasm is amazing!!!

Wrap It Up

Those new electric toothbrushes that are out now (like the Spin-style) are great. All you need to do is wrap a condom or regular plastic baggie over the bristles and turn it on. I always have multiple orgasms when I do it this way.

Hygienic bliss

I take a cheap electric toothbrush and put it on my clit. It gives me an instant orgasm. I do it for 20 minutes and I'm feeling as horny as ever.


Electric Shocker

I take my electric toothbrush and put the spinning head on my clit!


Brush and squirt

I love to lay down in the shower and take my electric toothbrush and let it latch onto my clit. Then I fill a large shampoo bottle up with cold water and squirt it on my hot pussy as I let the toothbrush do its work.


Buzz off

I like to sit in the shower, and let the hot water run on my tits. Then I take my Venus razor and shove it in my pussy, pulling it in and out. Then I take my electric toothbrush, and put it on my clit. I sit there for a minute thinking about fucking my boyfriend, and then I start to climax. As I orgasm, I hump the razor, and start to turn my toothbrush on and off. This really makes me cum, and I can just go on for hours.


Girl's best friend

I use my electric toothbrush. I stick it in and turn it on. Oh, I could cum just thinking about it. Just lay it on your clit and within minutes you will have an awesome orgasm. It's great if you are in a hurry and very horny.


Don't forget to brush

I stick a toothbrush in my pussy and pump it in and out. At the same time I put an electric toothbrush on my clit. It feels awesome.


Pillow ride

First I close my eyes, gently stroking my clit softly for a few seconds, then I go on to a porno website and look at the pictures. After I can feel myself getting wet I sit on a pillow, turn it on its side, and slip the edge into my vagina. I ride slowly first, then faster and faster until I feel drenched in my cum. At the very end I take an electric toothbrush and rub it on my clit and G-spot in a circle while squeezing my thighs together. Then just as I'm about to climax I turn the toothbrush off, leaving me panting. I do it more often and get feistier, then eventually after a couple of times of teasing, I go all the way and cum everywhere and anywhere.


Brushing clit up and down

First I rub my clit and stick my fingers in and out, just enough to make me cum a lot. I rub my cum all over my vagina to make the whole thing nice and moist. Then I take my electric toothbrush and put it on the most sensitive side of my clit and let it run. When I feel like the orgasm is coming up, I quickly take the brush off to tease myself. Then I rub my clit again and put the brush back on and next thing you know I've had a big, really pleasurable orgasm.


Brush strokes

First I like to look at dirty pictures and get really wet. Then I start gently rubbing my clit, making small circles over the clit. Then I like to take the end of a vibrating toothbrush and stick it against my clit until it sends me into a huge orgasm.


Brush in and out

Electric spin toothbrush on the clit, then another toothbrush or tampon pumping in and out! My god, the orgasm!


Wet and wild

How I masturbate is to take a vibrating toothbrush, turn it on, and go wild and crazy with myself. I finger myself and go wet and wild ... moan, scream and all that other shit. That's fun and wild!


Better than clean teeth

I get an electric toothbrush and put the spinning brush directly on my clit. It makes me orgasm tremendously!


Brush and bath

I always use a hot water faucet. But first I use an electric toothbrush on my clit. I sit on the toilet lid and do it. Sometimes I get such an orgasm I bang into the toilet tank so hard I almost break my back. Then I sit in a tub with hot water and just let it fall onto my clit. I get orgasms from this in less than 10 seconds!





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