Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use my PinkyToy?

A: For the most optimal pleasure with your PinkyToy a number of things are important. Relax, enjoy and take the time; it is your party. Get used to the stimulations and vibrations and slowly warm up.

Because of the shape of the PinkyToy every side has another effect. If you find it more pleasant you can also use your PinkyToy when wearing your slip; you’ll feel the vibrations less intense. So listen carefully to your body and find out how your PinkyToy works the best for you.


Q: Why is PinkyToy better than other stimulus toys?

A: Because it is discreet and subtle. Because it is more effective because of the oscillating (turning) vibrating movements instead of just vibrating movements. Because it uses no batteries. And because it is fun! Click here to read more about vibrator orgasms

Q: Is an orgasm guaranteed?

A: Yes. An average of 33% of all women has a hard time having an orgasm. This percentage increases to 50% when there’s a partner involved. After using PinkyToy 99% of the problem cases were solved. Are you not sure what a female orgasm should be like? Click here for some real female orgasm examples.

Q: Is PinkyToy for women only?

A: PinkyToy can be used by both men and women.  Usually it is easier for a man to reach an orgasm than for a woman so if you are using it with your partner it's "women first".
Male orgasm - Female orgasm


Q: Will my PinkyToy fit my electrical toothbrush?

A: PinkyToy will fit most of the electrical toothbrushes just ensure the connection corresponds with the one on the image alongside. The toothbrush in our example is the best sold Braun Oral-B toothbrush.


Q: Is it safe to use my PinkyToy?

A: PinkyToy is developed for safe external massage.  When you use PinkyToy with your partner, be aware that the rules of having safe sex are still applicable. If you have personal circumstances of which you suspect that these can have an influence on the safe use of PinkyToy consult your general practitioner. Enjoy your body but don't abuse it. Excessive use can cause pain.

Keep out of reach of children. Clean PinkyToy with water and soap or in the dishwasher after use.  If the PinkyToy's material is ripped or damaged it is no longer useable.


Q: Is my privacy safe?

A: Yes. We will ship your package 100% discreet without sender or other sensitive information. Also the use and storage of the PinkyToy extension piece is discreet. Might anyone find PinkyToy in your bag, bathroom or bedroom no one will have a clue what it is, unless they own one themselves.





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