Better orgasms with a vibrator.
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The best way to have an orgasm when your masturbating by yourself or having sex with your partner is with a vibrator,  if you are too shy or embarressed to buy one then order PinkyToy, a discreet upgrade for your electric will wish you did this years ago. Also..there is a way of improving an orgasm when your by yourself or with a partner....masturbate, vibrate until you reach the climax and then stop and count to 100 ( no cheating!!) Then when you have counted to 100, vibrate and masturbate again, and then when you reach your climax, count to 50. and do the same again, and count to 10...then hold the toy on you penis or clitoris as hard or as fast as you can then you have the BEST pulsing and contracting orgasm ever. But when you do this make sure no one else is home as you probably have to scream!

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